We represent our clients in major auctions of heavy equipment and construction machinery.

Tell us your needs, and we will be happy to represent your company, or we can assist you at an auction and deliver the products to your door.
Air Compressors Coating Plants Excavators Pipe Hammer
Asphalt Pavers Compactors Forklifts Pipeline Equipment
Barges Compressors Gensets Pumps
Bending Machines Concrete Plants Light Towers Tractors
Boats Cranes Loaders Trenchers
Boom Trucks Crane Barges Loader Backhoe Truck Cranes
Boring Machines Dredges Man Lift Tugs
Bulldozers Drills Motorgraders Welding Machines


Our charge for auction Representation.

Hotel ,travel and food clients expense.

Commissions for purchases

From To   Commision
$1.00 100,000.00   5%
$101,000.00 $1,000,000.00   1% over the original $5000.00
$1,000,000.00 o más   negotiable over the original $ 5,000.00

Our Services :


  1. Inspection of equipment for price evaluation.
  2. Evaluation of market prices.
  3. Represent the client in the auction or assist in the bidding.
  4. Arrange transportation to the port for export or your yard. (At clients expense)
  5. Prepare export documents for US customs (At clients expense.)
  6. Contract freight to port of destination Ocean or Air (At clients expense)
  7. Send documents to Clients office DHL or best way (At clients expense)


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Yoder & Frey

Ritchie Bros Actioners

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