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Trailblazer® 302 Air Pak™ | 907549001
Powerful all-in-one tool is designed for repair and construction with unbeatable multiprocess weld quality, integrated rotary screw air compressor, 13,000 watts of generator power for tools, and the battery charger jump start.

Product Literature
Spec Sheet ENG
Air Facts
Truck Installation Drawing [PDF]
Truck Installation Drawing [AutoCAD]
Processes MIG (GMAW)  
Stick (SMAW)  
Flux Cored (FCAW)  
Air Plasma Cutting and Gouging (PAC) with Optional Spectrum Models - rated 5/8" mild steel  
Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A) - capable 1/4" carbons, rated 3/16" carbons  
General specifications Rated Output
CV/DC: 300 A, 32 V at 100% Duty Cycle; 350 A, 32 V at 60% Duty Cycle
CC/DC: 280 A, 32 V at 100% Duty Cycle
CC/AC: 200 A, 25 V at 60% Duty Cycle
Air Compressor: 31 CFM at 100% Duty Cycle
Welding Amperage Range
DC Stick: 25 - 300 A
DC TIG: 10 - 300 A
AC TIG/Stick: 10 - 225 A
MIG/FCAW: 13 - 35 V, 350 A
Net Weight 771 lb (350 kg) without fuel
Generator Power 104DegF
Peak: 13,000 W
Continuous: 11,000 W
Twin-cylinder, 30 hp Kohler gas
Air Compressor
31 CFM, 100% Duty Cycle, 70-160 PSI
Battery Charge/Jump Start, 12 & 24 Volts
450A, 12 volt jump start
350A, 24 volt jump start
10-75A, charge
Applications Construction  
Field Maintenance and Repair  
Spool Gun Option SPOOLMATIC-30A See Spool Gun Hook-up Chart
Warranty True Blue With the best coverage in the industry, Miller's True Blue® Warranty [PDF] delivers unparalleled peace-of-mind.
Fabricante:Miller Welders

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